74BC645 Datasheet – Octal Bus Transceiver ( PDF )

Part Number: 74BC645

Function: Octal Bus Transceivers With 3 State Outputs

Package: SOP-20 pin (JEITA) Type

Manufacturer: Renesas Electronics


74BC645 datasheet



The HD74BC645A, 74BC645 provides high drivability and operation equal to or better than high speed bipolar standard logic IC by using Bi-CMOS process. The device features low power dissipation that is about 1/5 of high speed bipolar logic IC.

When the frequency is 10 MHz. The device has eight bus transceivers with three state outputs in a 20 pin package.

Each device has an active low enable input (G) and a direction control input, DiR. When DiR is high, data flows from the A inputs to the B outputs. When DiR is high, data flows from the B inputs to the A outputs. When enable inputs (G) is high, disables both A and B ports by placing then in a high impedance.

Logic Diagram :



1. Input/Output are at high impedance state when power supply is off.

2. Input pins can be open, when not used, owing to built in input pull up circuit.

3. Input is TTL level

Other data sheets are available within the file:

74BC645A, HD74BC645, HD74BC645A, HD74BC645AFPEL

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