78F9116B Datasheet – 8-Bit Single-Chip Microcontroller

This post explains for the semiconductor 78F9116B.

The package is 30-pin plastic SSOP.

The function of this semiconductor is 8-Bit Single-Chip Microcontroller.

Manufacturer: NEC


78F9116B Microcontroller


The µPD78F9116B is a µPD789114A Subseries product of the 78K/0S Series. The µPD78F9116B replaces the internal ROM of the µPD789111A,789112A and 789114A with flash memory, which enables the writing/erasing of a program while the device is mounted on the board.

A stricter quality assurance program (called special grade in NEC’s grade classification) is applied to the
µPD78F9116B(A), compared to the µPD78F9116B, which are classified as standard grade. Because flash memory allows the program to be written and erased electrically with the device mounted on the
board, this product is ideal for the evaluation stages of system development, small-scale production, and rapid development of new products. […]


78F9116B pinout circuit


1. Pin-compatible with mask ROM version (excluding VPP pin)
2. Flash memory: 16 KB
3. Internal high-speed RAM: 256 bytes
4. On-chip multiplier: 8 bits × 8 bits = 16 bits
5. Minimum instruction execution time can be changed from high-speed (0.2 µs) to low-speed (0.8 µs) (@ 10.0 MHz
operation with system clock, VDD = 4.5 to 5.5 V)
6. I/O ports: 20
7. Serial interface: 1 channel: Switchable between 3


1. Cleaners, washing machines, refrigerators and battery-charger

Ordering Information

µPD78F9116BMC-5A4, µPD78F9116BMC(A)-5A4

78F9116B Datasheet