8088 PDF Datasheet – 8-BIT HMOS Microprocessor

An 8-bit HMOS microprocessor refers to a microprocessor architecture that processes data in 8-bit chunks using HMOS (High-Speed Metal Oxide Semiconductor) technology. HMOS is a type of semiconductor technology known for its speed and efficiency characteristics. An 8-bit microprocessor has an 8-bit data bus, which means it can process and manipulate data in 8-bit units. These microprocessors were prevalent in the early days of computing and are still used in some specialized applications today.

One of the most famous 8-bit HMOS microprocessors is the Intel 8088, which was introduced in 1979. The 8088 was used in the original IBM PC and many other early personal computers. It had an 8-bit external data bus and a 16-bit internal architecture. The 8088 was the heart of the IBM PC’s CPU, responsible for executing instructions and managing data.

Part Number: 8088


Package: DIP 40 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Intel Corporation

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The Intel 8088 is a high performance microprocessor implemented in N-channel depletion load silicon gate technology (HMOS-II) and packaged in a 40-pin CERDIP package The processor has attributes of both 8and 16-bit microprocessors It is directly compatible with 8086 software and 8080 8085 hardware and peripherals.


1. 8-Bit Data Bus Interface

2. 16-Bit Internal Architecture

3. Direct Addressing Capability to 1 Mbyte of Memory

4. Direct Software Compatibility with 8086 CPU

5. 14-Word by 16-Bit Register Set with Symmetrical Operations

6. 24 Operand Addressing Modes

7. Byte Word and Block Operations

8. 8-Bit and 16-Bit Signed and Unsigned Arithmetic in Binary or Decimal Including Multiply and Divide


8088 datasheet intel

8088 PDF Datasheet