80C51 Datasheet PDF – 8-bit Microcontroller

Part Number: 80C51

Function: 8-bit Microcontroller.

Package: DIP 40 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Philips Electronics ( https://www.nxp.com/ )


80C51 datasheet



The Philips 80C51 / 87C51 / 80C52 / 87C52 is a high-performance static 80C51 design fabricated with Philips high-density CMOS technology with operation from 2.7 V to 5.5 V.

The 8xC51 and 8xC52 contain a 128 ×8 RAM and 256 ×8 RAM respectively, 32 I/O lines, three 16-bit counter/timers, a six-source, four-priority level nested interrupt structure, a serial I/O port for either multi-processor communications, I/O expansion or full duplex UART, and on-chip oscillator and clock circuits. 4 K/8 K OTP/ROM low voltage (2.7 V–5.5 V), low power, high speed (33 MHz), 128/256 B RAM.


1. 12-clock operation with selectable 6-clock operation

2. Memory addressing capability

3. CMOS and TTL compatible

4. Extended temperature ranges

5. Dual Data Pointers

6. Encryption array – 64 bytes

7. 4 interrupt priority levels

8. 6 interrupt sources

9. Four 8-bit I/O ports


80C51 Datasheet PDF Download

80C51 pdf

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