85U03GH Transistor – 30V, 75A, N-Ch, MOSFET (AP85U03GH)

Part Number: 85U03GH, AP85U03GH

Function: 30V, 75A, N-Channel MOSFET, Transistor

Package: TO-252 Type
Manufacturer: Advanced Power Electronics


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AP85U03GH RoHS-compliant Product Advanced Power Electronics Corp. ▼ Low On-resistance ▼ Simple Drive Requirement ▼ Fast Switching Characteristic G N-CHANNEL ENHANCEMENT MODE POWER MOSFET D BVDSS RDS(ON) ID 30V 5.5mΩ 75A S Description Advanced Power MOSFETs from APEC provide the designer with the best combination of fast switching, ruggedized device design, low on-resistance and cost-effectiveness. The TO-252 package is widely preferred for commercial-industrial surface mount applications and suited for low voltage applications such as DC/DC converters. G □ D S TO-252(H) Absolute Maximum Ratings Symbol VDS VGS ID@TC=25℃ ID@TC=100℃ IDM PD@TC=25℃ EAS TSTG TJ Parameter Drain-Source Voltage Gate-Source Voltage Continuous Drain Current Continuous Drain Current Pulsed Drain Current 1 3 Rating 30 +20 75 56 220 60 0.48 4 Units V V A A A W W/℃ mJ ℃ ℃ Total Power Dissipation Linear Derating Factor Single Pulse Avalanche Energy Storage Temperature Range Operating Junction Temperature Range 57.6 -55 to 175 -55 to 175 Thermal Data Symbol Rthj-c Rthj-a Rthj-a Parameter Maximum Thermal Resistance, Junction-case Maximum Thermal Resistance, Junction-ambient (PCB mount) 5 Value 2.5 62.5 110 Units ℃/W ℃/W ℃/W Maximum Thermal Resistance, Junction-ambient Data & specifications subject to change without notice 1 200807174 Free Datasheet http:// AP85U03GH Electrical Characteristics@Tj=25oC(unless otherwise specified) Symbol BVDSS RDS(ON) Parameter Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage Static Drain-Source On-Resistance 2 Test Conditions VGS=0V, ID=250uA VGS=10V, ID=40A VGS=4.5V, ID=30A Min. 30 1 – Typ. 27.5 29 6.4 19 10 84 27 83 395 390 1.2 Max. Units 5.5 12 3 1 +100 46 1.8 V mΩ mΩ V S uA nA nC nC nC ns ns ns ns pF pF pF Ω VGS(th) gfs IDSS IGSS Qg Qgs Qgd td(on) tr td(off) tf Ciss Coss Crss Rg Gate Threshold Voltage Forward Transconductance Drain-Source Leakage Current Gate-Source Leakage Total Gate Charge 2 VDS=VGS, ID=250uA VDS=10V, ID=30A VDS=30V, VGS=0V VGS=+20V ID=30A VDS=24V VGS=4.5V VDS=15V ID=30A RG=3.3Ω,VGS=10V RD=0.5Ω VGS=0V VDS=25V f=1.0MHz f=1.0MHz Gate-Source Charge Gate-Drain (“Miller”) Charge Turn-on Delay Time Rise Time Turn-off Delay Time Fall Time Input Capacitance Output Capacitance Reverse Transfer Capacitance Gate Resistance 2 2400 3840 Source-Drain Diode Symbol VSD Parameter Forward On Voltage 2 2 Test Conditions IS=30A, VGS=0V IS=10A, VGS=0V, dI/dt=100A/µs Min. – Typ. 33 30 Max. Units 1.2 V ns nC trr Qrr Reverse Recovery Time Reverse Recovery Charge Notes: 1.Pulse width limited by Max. junction temperature 2.Pulse test 3.Package limitation current is 75A . 4.Starting Tj=25oC , VDD=20V , L=0.1mH , RG=25Ω , IAS=24A. 5.Surface mounted on 1 in2 copper pad of FR4 board THIS PRODUCT IS SENSITIVE TO ELECTROSTATIC DISCHARGE, PLEASE HANDLE WITH CAUTION. USE OF THIS PRODUCT AS A CRITICAL COMPONENT IN LIFE SUPPORT OR OTHER SIMILAR SYSTEMS IS NOT AUTHORIZED. APEC DOES NOT […]

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85U03GH Datasheet

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