8741AH Datasheet PDF – 8-Bit Slave Microcontroller – Intel

Part Number: 8741AH

Function: Universal Peripheral Interface (UPI), 8-BIT SLAVE MICROCONTROLLER

Package: DIP 40 Pin, PLCC 44 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Intel


8741AH datasheet



The Intel UPI-41AH and UPI-42AH are general-purpose Universal Peripheral Interfaces that allow the designer to develop customized solutions for peripheral device control. They are essentially “slave” microcontrollers, or microcontrollers with a slave interface included on the chip. Interface registers are included to enable the UPI device to function as a slave peripheral controller in the MCS Modules and iAPX family, as well as other 8-, 16-, and 32-bit systems.


1. UPI-41: 6 MHz; UPI-42: 12.5 MHz
2. Pin, Software and Architecturally Compatible with all UPI-41 and UPI-42 Products
3. 8-Bit CPU plus ROM/OTP EPROM, RAM I/O, Timer/Counter and Clock in a Single Package
4. 2048 x 8 ROM/OTP, 256 x 8 RAM on UPI-42, 1024 x 8 ROM/OTP, 128 x 8 RAM on UPI-41, 8-Bit Timer/Counter, 18 Programmable I/O Pins
5. One 8-Bit Status and Two Data Registers for Asynchronous Slave-to Master Interface
6. DMA, Interrupt, or Polled Operation Supported
7. Fully Compatible with all Intel and Most Other Microprocessor Families
8. Interchangeable ROM and OTP EPROM Versions

Other data sheets are available within the file: 8041AH, 8042AH, 8242AH, 8742AH

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