93C46 PDF Datasheet – 1K Microwire Serial EEPROM

A Serial EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) is a type of non-volatile memory that can store data even when the power is turned off. It is used in a wide range of electronic devices to store configuration settings, calibration data, and other small amounts of non-volatile information.

Part Number: 93C46

Function: 1K Microwire Serial EEPROM

Package: 8-lead MSOP and 6-lead SOT-23 Type

Manufacturer: Microchip Technology

Images:93C46 pinout datasheet


93C46 is 1K Microwire Serial EEPROM. The Microchip Technology Inc. 93AA46, 93LC46, 93C46, 93AA46A/B, 93LC46A/B & 93C46A/B are 1K low voltage serial Electrically Erasable PROMs (EEPROM). Generic memory devices such as the 93AA46, 93LC46 or 93C46 are dependent upon external logic levels driving the ORG pin to set word size. For dedicated 8-bit communication, the 93AA46A, 93LC46A or 93C46A devices are selected, while the 93AA46B, 93LC46B and 93C46B devices are selected for 16 bits. Advanced CMOS technology makes these devices ideal for low power, non-volatile memory applications. This 93XX Series is available in standard 8-lead MSOP and 6-lead SOT-23 packages.


• Low power CMOS technology

• ORG pin for selectable memory configuration

• No org pin for dedicated word sizes
– 128 x 8-bit organization ‘A’ version devices
– 64 x 16-bit organization ‘B’ version devices

• Self-timed ERASE and WRITE cycles (including auto-erase)

• Automatic ERAL before WRAL

• Power on/off data protection circuitry

• Industry standard 3-wire serial I/O

• Device status signal during ERASE/WRITE cycles

• Sequential READ function

• 1,000,000 E/W cycles

• Data retention > 200 years

93C46 pdf memory

93C46 PDF Datasheet