99000000200 Datasheet – DC Plug, Secondary Contact Set, Mascot

Part Number: 99000000200

Function: DC Plug, Secondary contact Mascot

Manufacturer: Distrelec Deutschland GmbH ( https://www.distrelec.de/ )


99000000200 datasheet



The 99000000200 is DC plug.

A DC plug, also known as a DC power connector, is a type of electrical connector used to supply direct current (DC) power to electronic devices. DC plugs typically have two conductive prongs that fit into a corresponding DC jack on the device. The prongs make contact with the positive and negative terminals inside the jack, allowing the device to be powered by an external DC power source, such as a battery or an AC/DC adapter.

DC plugs come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and they are often proprietary to specific devices or manufacturers. Some common types of DC plugs include the barrel connector, which has a cylindrical shape with a male or female jack, and the coaxial connector, which has a center pin surrounded by an outer conductor.

Connecting the exchangeable plugs is a snap! All plugs have a snap-lock for added safety. Both plug ends are clearly marked to connect desired polarity.


Other data sheets are available within the file: 169-80-577


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99000000200 pdf

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