A393F PDF – KIA393F, Dual Comparator

Part Number: A393F, KIA393F

Function: Dual Comparator

Package  DIP, SOP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: KEC

Images:A393F pinout datasheet


A393F is Dual Comparator. A dual comparator refers to an integrated circuit (IC) that contains two individual voltage comparators within a single package. A voltage comparator is an essential electronic component used to compare two input voltages and determine which one is larger or smaller.

The basic function of a voltage comparator is to produce a digital output based on the comparison of the input voltages. When one input voltage is higher than the other, the output of the comparator goes to a logic high state (often represented as a “1”), and when the opposite is true, the output goes to a logic low state (often represented as a “0”).


· Be Possible to Operate at the Wide Range Single or Two Supply Voltage.

· Low Supply Current : ICC=0.8mA(Typ.).

· Low Input Offset Voltage : VIO=2mV(Typ.).

· Wide Common Mode Input Voltage : 0VDC to VCC-1.5VDC.

· Output is Compatible with TTL, DTL, MOS and C-MOS.

· Output is Open Collector and Wired-OR Possible.

Block diagram:

A393F pdf comparator


1. Level detection: In many cases, you need to determine if a signal voltage is above or below a certain reference level. Dual comparators can be used to check if a signal is within a specific range or threshold.

2. Hysteresis

3. Motor control

4. Oscillators and waveform generation

A393F PDF Datasheet