A6966 PDF Datasheet – 5 LED Level Meter Driver

Part Number: A6966


Package: SIP 9 Pin type

Manufacturer: UTC

Images:A6966 pdf


The UTC A6966 is designed for 5 LED level meter driver in 9 lead SIP package. It consists of one input amplifier and five comparators for LED level indication.

A 5-dot LED level meter is a simple electronic display consisting of five LED (Light Emitting Diode) indicators arranged in a row or column to visually represent the level or magnitude of a signal or quantity. Each LED represents a specific level, and the number of lit LEDs corresponds to the signal’s intensity or magnitude.

The 5-dot LED level meter is commonly used to indicate the strength or level of audio signals, power levels, battery charge status, or any other parameter that can be represented by discrete levels.


1. Low Spurious Noise Operation.

2. Constant Current Output: IOUT=8mA (Typ.)

3. Indication Level Steps: 5dB, 5dB, 3dB, 3dB

4. Wide Operating Supply Voltage Range: VCC = 4~ 12V

5. Variable Input Amplifier Gain: GV = 0 ~ 20dB


Pinouts:A6966 datasheet pinout

The 5-dot LED level meter is a straightforward and cost-effective display solution for applications where a continuous display or high-resolution measurement is not required. It provides a quick and intuitive way to gauge the level of a signal at a glance.

This type of LED level meter can be found in audio equipment such as mixers, amplifiers, and audio interfaces, as well as in battery-powered devices, power meters, and other measurement instruments.

A6966 PDF Datasheet