AD9256 PDF Datasheet – Stereo Digital Amplifier Power Stage

Part Number: AD9256

Function: Stereo Digital Amplifier Power Stage

Package: 24-pin E-TSSOP Type

Manufacturer: Elite Semiconductor

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The AD9256 is a high efficiency stereo digital amplifier power stage delivering 85% efficiency. Devices need two power supplies for the IC operation up to 15V supply for PVDD and 3.3V for VDD. The AD9256 can deliver 10W/CH output power into 8 Ω loudspeaker (in BTL operation) within 1% THD+N at supply 15V. A built-in anti-pop function can reduce the speaker’s pop without requiring complex anti-pop sequence in PWM input, when device is applied in AD modulation. The AD9256 has included protection circuits that integrated on chip.


1. 2X12.5W at 10% THD+N into 8Ω BTL at 15V

2. 2X8W at 10% THD+N into 8Ω BTL at 12V

3. Support single-ended or differential input

4. Over-temperature protection

5. Over-current protection

6. Under-voltage detection

7. Error report and thermal warning

8. Built-in anti-pop function for AD modulation

9. PVDD range from 10.8V to 16.5V

AD9256 pinout


1. TV audio

2. DVD Receiver

3. Home Theaters  […]

AD9256 PDF Datasheet