AK2117 PDF Datasheet – Digital Multimedia Solution

This post explains for the Digital Multimedia IC.

The Part Number is AK2117.

The function of this semiconductor is Digital Multimedia Solution.

The package is LQFP 64 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Artek Semiconductor


The AK2117 is a new generation single-chip highly-integrated digital multimedia solution for devices such as audio and video players. It includes an audio decoder and a video decoder with embedded RAM and ROM, ADCPM record capabilities and USB interface for downloading music or movie and uploading voice recordings. For devices like USB-Disk, it can act as an USB mass storage slave device to personal computer system.

A digital multimedia solution IC (Integrated Circuit) is a semiconductor device or chip designed to provide integrated solutions for multimedia applications. These ICs are used in a wide range of electronic devices and systems to process and manage multimedia content, which can include audio, video, images, and data. Digital multimedia solution ICs are commonly found in devices like smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, televisions, set-top boxes, and various consumer electronics.

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1. Audio and Video Engine

(1) Digital voice recording ( ADPCM )

(2) Integated Motion JPEG video decoder, up to 30fps

2. Support FM Radio input and 41 levels volume control

3. Built in stereo 16-bit sigma-delta D/A

AK2117 PDF Datasheet

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