ALC5621 PDF Datasheet – I2S Audio Codec – Realtek

Part Number: ALC5621

Function: I2S Audio Codec + 2.6W Class-AB/D Mono Speaker Amplifier + Headphone Amplifier

Package: 5x5mm, QFN-32 Type

Manufacturer: Realtek Microelectronics




The ALC5621 is a highly-integrated I2S/PCM interface audio codec with multiple input/output ports and is designed for mobile computing and communications. It provides a Stereo Hi-Fi DAC for playback and Stereo ADC for recording via the I2S/PCM interface.

Multiple analog input and output pins are provided for seamless integration with analog connected
wireless communication devices. Differential input/output connections efficiently reduce noise
interference, providing better sound quality.

To reduce component count, the device can connect directly to:

• MONO or stereo differential analog inputs

• LINE_IN stereo single-ended analog inputs

• AUX_IN single-ended analog inputs

• Stereo Headphone Output

• Single-ended stereo configurable to AUXOUT or BTL MONO_OUT

• MONO or Stereo Bridge-Tied Load (BTL) speaker

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ALC5621 Datasheet