ALC5640-VB PDF – Multi-Channel Audio Hub / CODEC

This post explains for the Audio Hub / CODEC.

The Part Number is ALC5640-VB.

The function of this semiconductor is Multi-Channel Audio Hub/CODEC

Manufacturer: Realtek Microelectronics

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ALC5640-VB pdf


The ALC5640-VB is a high performance, low power, dual I2S interface audio CODEC. Dual I2S interface can connect to different devices and let the ALC5640 to be an Audio Hub. Each device can pass through the Audio Hub and then perform as input or output application. Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter (ASRC) provides independent and asynchronous connections to different processors, such as an application processor, baseband processor or wireless transceiver(BT).

Stereo Class-D speaker amplifiers provide 1.5W per channel into 8Ω or 2.5W per channel into 4Ω with a 5V supply, with excellent PSRR and low EMI. A mono differential earpiece amplifier is also provided, providing output from any DAC or Analog-in. […]

ALC5640-VB pinout datasheet

There are different power types in ALC5640. DBVDD is for digital I/O power, DCVDD is for digital
core power, AVDD and DACREF are for analog power, CPVDD is for charge pump power, MICVDD is
for MICBIAS power and SPKVDD is for speaker amplifier power.

The power supplier limit condition are DBVDD ≧ DCVDD and SPKVDD ≧ MICVDD > AVDD =
DACREF = CPVDD, AVDD ≧ DCVDD, and for the best performance, our design setting is show on

ALC5640-VB PDF Datasheet