AN17807A Datasheet – Audio Amplifier, SIP 12 ( PDF )

Part Number: AN17807A

Function: Audio Amplifier

Package: SIP 12 Pin type

Manufacturer: Panasonic


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AN17807A image


This is because the IC is faulty despite being brand new and the most likely explanation is that it is from a faulty lot or is a rebranded IC.
One possible solution to continue using that amp (especially since no reliable stores can be located nearby or can’t be scraped off the bone) is to use a voltage “inverter” circuit.

This is a circuit that inverts the operating ramp of the volume control coming from the micro and the output of the inverter is applied to the an17807 circuit. In other words, by having a minimum input of 0.8v we will have the maximum output of 1.94v and if we have 1.94v we will obtain 0.8v, which is just what we need.
for the replacement to work properly.

Below is the circuit diagram whose heart is an LM324 of which we will only use one of its
four gates.


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AN17807A Datasheet