AN17830A PDF – Dual/Bridge Audio Power Amplifier IC

This post explains for the Audio Amplifier.

The Part Number is AN17830A. The Pakcage is ZIP 12 Pin Type.

The function of this semiconductor is Dual/Bridge Audio Power Amplifier IC.

Manufacturer: Philips, Panasonic

Preview images :

AN17830A pinout datasheet


AN17830A is 2 Channel BTL Power Amplifier Built-in Standy and Muting Features Incorporating Various Protection Circuits.

A 2-channel BTL (Bridge-Tied Load) power amplifier is a type of audio amplifier that is designed to drive a load (usually a speaker) with a balanced output configuration. In a BTL amplifier, two amplifier channels are used in a bridge configuration to increase the output power to the load. The two channels are driven in opposite phase, and their outputs are combined at the load to effectively double the voltage swing across the load, resulting in higher power output compared to a single-ended amplifier.

Block diagram:

AN17830A pdf amplifier

BTL power amplifiers are commonly used in various audio applications, such as stereo systems, home theaters, car audio systems, and professional audio equipment.


1. ICs for audio

AN17830A PDF Datasheet


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