AN7523N PDF Datasheet – BTL 4.0W x 1ch Power Amplifier

Part Number: AN7523N

Function: BTL 4.0W x 1ch Power Amplifier with Standby Function and Volume Function

Package: SIL 9 Pin type

Manufacturer: Panasonic, Matsudhita


AN7523N datasheet pdf

Pin Descriptions :

1. Vcc
2. Ch Output (+)
3. GND (Output)
4. Ch Output (-)
5. Standby
6. Ch Input
7. GND (Input)
8. N.C
9. Volume


AN7523N is BTL 4.0W x 1ch Power Amplifier.

1. BTL (Bridge-Tied Load): BTL amplifiers are designed to drive a load, such as a speaker, by bridging the output. In a BTL configuration, two amplifiers are used in a bridge arrangement, with the load (in this case, a speaker) connected between them. This configuration allows for higher power output compared to a single-ended amplifier.

2. Power Amplifier: This is a type of amplifier specifically designed to amplify audio signals to drive speakers or other transducers. Power amplifiers are used in audio systems to provide sufficient power to produce sound at the desired volume level.


1. Structure : Silicon Monolithic Bipolar IC

2. Appearance : SIL-9 Pin Plastic Package (Power Type with Fin)

3. Application: Low Frequency Amplifier

Absolute Maximum Ratings :

Item Storage Temperature Operating Ambient Temperature Operating Ambient Pressure Operating Constant Acceleration Operating Shock Supply Voltage Supply Current Power Dissipation Symbol Tstg Topr Popr Gopr Sopr Vcc Icc PD Ratings -55 ~ +150 -25 ~ +70 1.013×105±0.61×105 (1.0±0.6) 9,810 (1000) 4,900 (500) Unit °C °C Pa (atm) m/s2 (G) m/s2 (G) Note 1 1 14.4 1.0 1.22 V A W 2 Ta=70°C Operating Supply Voltage Range Vcc 3.5V ~ 13.5V Note 1) The temperature of all items shall be Ta=25°C except storage temperature and operating ambient temperature. 2) At no signal input. Eff. Date Eff. Date Eff. Date Eff. Date Matsushita Electronics Corporation 25-APR-2000 21-JUL-2000 FMSC-PSDA-002-01 Prepared Checked Approved Product Specifications Ref No. Total Page Page No. B-1 9 2 AN7523N B Electrical Characteristics No Item 1 2 Quiescent Circuit Current Standby Current (Unless otherwise specified, the ambient temperature is 25°C±2˚C, Vcc=8.0V, frequency=1kHz and RL=8Ω.) Test Symbol Cir- Conditions cuit ICQ ISTB VNO GV T – Unit mA µA mVrms dB % W W dB mV dB dB Note Output Noise 3 Voltage 4 5 6 7 8 9 Voltage Gain Total Harmonic Distortion Maximum Power Output 1 Maximum Power Output 2 Ripple Rejection Ratio Output Offset Voltage

Block Diagram and pinouts:
AN7523N pinout

AN7523N PDF Datasheet