AS1501 PDF Datasheet – Digital Potentiometer

Part Number: AS1501, AS1500 thru AS1503

Function: Digital Potentiometer

Package: SOIC 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: austriamicrosystems AG

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A digital potentiometer, often referred to as a “digipot,” is an electronic component that emulates the functionality of a traditional mechanical potentiometer (variable resistor) using digital control. Instead of manually turning a physical knob or slider to adjust resistance, a digital potentiometer allows you to change its resistance value electronically through digital signals.

The AS1501 is a digital potentiometer with 256 programmable steps. The values of the resistor can be
controlled via 3 wire serial interface capable to handle programming rates up to 10MHz.

The AS1500 is available in four different resistor values. The AS1500 incorporates a 10kΩ, the AS1501 a 20kΩ, the AS1502 a 50kΩ and the AS1503 a 100kΩ fixed resistor. […]



1. 256 – Taps

2. Available in four Resistance values
– AS1500 resistance 10kΩ
– AS1501 resistance 20kΩ
– AS1502 resistance 50kΩ
– AS1503 resistance 100kΩ

3. Standby current – Less than 1 µA

4. 3-Wire Serial Data Interface

5. 10 MHz Update Data Loading Rate


AS1501 datasheet pinout


The AS1500 is ideal for volume controls in TV sets and audio systems, and applications that require line impedance matching, programmable filters or power supply adjustment.

AS1501 PDF Datasheet