AT2005B Datasheet – Microcircuit, DIP 16 ( PDF )

Part Number: AT2005B

Function: Microcircuit was developed by ATE for use in push-pull pulse converter

Package: DIP 16 Type

Manufacturer: ATE ( Advanced Technology Electronics )


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The AT2005B microcircuit was developed by ATE for use in push-pull pulse converters of ATX-class system power supplies as a PWM control microcircuit.

It simultaneously performs the functions of a voltage supervisor, voltage regulator, as well as PG (PW-OK) signal conditioning and remote control functions.

Adjustment and stabilization of output voltages is carried out by the method of pulse-width modulation (PWM).


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1. formation of control signals for powerful transistors of a push-pull converter

2. change in the width of these control pulses with a change in the magnitude of the output voltages

3. control of positive voltage generated by the power supply (+3.3V, +5V +12V)

4. protection against excess of positive output voltages

5. protection against reduction of positive output voltages

6. protection against voltage drop in negative voltage channels (-5V and -12V)

7. Power Good (PG) signal generation

8. start-up and shutdown control of the power supply in accordance with the PSJ3N signal.

AT2005B Datasheet