ATJ2273B PDF Datasheet – Highly Integrated SOC with Multiprocessor

This post explains for the Multiprocessor.

The Part Number is ATJ2273B.

The function of this semiconductor is Highly Integrated SOC with Multiprocessor.

The package is LQFP128 E-PAD (14*14).

Manufacturer: Actions Semiconductor

Product Image:

ATJ2273B datasheet pdf


The ATJ2273B is a highly integrated SOC for high density media solution with multiprocessor. The
architecture of one 32-bit RISC up to 450 MHz, cooperated with a powerful Video Engine, a build in
Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and a Display Engine, high efficiency buses, high-speed DDR/DDRII/Mobile DDR memory controller. It can achieve high performance and low power


1. High Speed 32bit RISC

(1) Up to 450 MHz
(2) 8-stage pipeline
(3) MIPS32 instruction set
(4) Programmable Memory Management Unit
(5) 16KB I-Cache and 16KB D-cache
(6) 24kB DSPRAM
(7) 8kB ISPRAM

2. Video Engine

(1) All format of 720p video supported, 30fps, up to 20Mbps averagely;
(2) Support MPEG-4 encoding, up to 720p resolution
(3) Support digital room from x1~x4, and with configurable step.


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ATJ2273B Datasheet