B3202 Datasheet – EMI Suppression Capacitor ( PDF )

This post explains for the EMI Capacitor.

The Part Number is B3202.

The function of this semiconductor is EMI Suppression Capacitor.

Manufacturer: EPCOS

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This is EMI Suppression Capacitor.

(MKP) B3202- Series Series/Type: B32021, B32022, B32023, B32024, B32026 Ordering code: B3202.A…+… Date: March Version: 2007 4 Content of inside pages of data sheet. Data will be automatically entered into front page headlines, headers and footers. Please fill in the table and then change the colour to “White”. This ensures that the table disappears for the customer pdf. Identification/Classification 1: (header 1) Identification/Classification 2: (header 2) Ordering code: Series/Type: Preliminary data (optional): (if necessary) Department: Date: FK DC PM March 2007 EMI Suppression Capacitors (MKP) B3202- Series B3202.A…+… B32021, B32022, B32023, B32024, B32026 © EPCOS AG 2007. Reproduction, publication and dissemination of this data sheet, enclosures hereto and the information contained therein without EPCOS’ prior express consent is prohibited. http:// EMI suppression capacitors (MKP) B3202- Series Y2 / 300 V AC Dimension


1. Very small dimensions
2. Good self-healing properties
3. High voltage capability

Terminals :

1. Parallel wire leads, lead-free tinned.
2. Standard lead lengths: 6-1mm.
3. Special lead lengths are available on request.



B3202 Datasheet

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