BD9215F PDF Datasheet – DC-AC Inverter Control IC

This post explains for the Inverter Control IC.

The Part Number is BD9215F.

The function of this semiconductor is DC-AC Inverter Control IC.

The package is SSOP 28 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Rohm

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1. 36V High voltage process

2. 1ch control with Full-Bridge

3. Lamp current and voltage sense feed back control

4. Sequencing easily achieved with Soft Start Control

5. Short circuit protection with Timer Latch

6. Under Voltage Lock Out

7. Mode-selectable the operating or stand-by mode by stand-by pin

8. For master IC, Synchronous operating with BD9898F/FV

9. BURST mode controlled by PWM and DC input

10. Output liner Control by external DC voltage


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BD9215F Datasheet