BK3511 PDF Datasheet – Bluetooth and FM Receiver IC

Part Number: BK3511

Function: Single Chip for Bluetooth and FM Receiver

Package: 32-pin 4×4 mm QFN Type

Manufacturer: Beken


BK3511 pdf datasheet


The BK3511 chip is mainly used for mobile applications to provide Bluetooth 2.1 +
EDR and FM radio. It can use battery power supply directly to save the power consumption
and can make the Bluetooth and FM operate simultaneously and independently. BK3511
enables Bluetooth and FM radio with small board space and minimum number of external
components then the manufactures can fast and successfully make their product integrated
with BK3511 go on the market.


1. Support 64~108 MHz band

2. Automatic gain control

3. Automatic frequency control

4. Seek tuning

5. Receive signal strength indicator

6. Channel quality assessment

7. Stereo decoder

8. Automatic stereo/mono switching

BK3511 pinout



1. Mobile handset

2. MP3, MP4 player and PMP

3. Other portable devices

BK3511 PDF Datasheet