BP2822 PDF Datasheet – LED Constant Current Controller

This post explains for the LED Controller.

The Part Number is BP2822.

The function of this semiconductor is Non-isolated Buck LED constant current controller.

The package is DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: BPS ( https://bpsemi.com// )

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The BP2822 is a high-precision LED constant current control chip, used in non-isolated step-down LED power supply systems, suitable for full-range AC voltage input or 12V~600V DC voltage input.

The BP-2822 integrates a 600V power MOSFET inside, requiring only a few external components to achieve excellent constant current characteristics.



1. Built-in 600V power MOSFET

2. Source drive, no need for auxiliary winding power supply

3. Up to ±3% LED current accuracy

4. Up to 93% system efficiency

5. LED short circuit protection

6. CS sampling resistor short circuit protection

7. Chip over temperature protection



1. Bubble lights

2. Honeycomb lights

3. Rice lights

4. Scenery lights


BP2822 Datasheet PDF