BP2822 PDF Datasheet – LED Constant Current Controller

This post explains for the LED Controller.

The Part Number is BP2822.

The function of this semiconductor is Non-isolated Buck LED constant current controller.

The package is DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: BPS ( http://www.bpsemi.com/ )

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The BP2822 is a high-precision LED constant current control chip, used in non-isolated step-down LED power supply systems, suitable for full-range AC voltage input or 12V~600V DC voltage input.

The BP-2822 integrates a 600V power MOSFET inside, requiring only a few external components to achieve excellent constant current characteristics.


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1. Built-in 600V power MOSFET

2. Source drive, no need for auxiliary winding power supply

3. Up to ±3% LED current accuracy

4. Up to 93% system efficiency

5. LED short circuit protection

6. CS sampling resistor short circuit protection

7. Chip over temperature protection


BP2822 Datasheet PDF