BYW85 PDF Datasheet – 600V, Silicon Mesa Rectifier, Diode

Part Number: BYW85

Function: 600V, 3A, Silicon Mesa Rectifier

Package: SOD-64 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Vishay Telefunken

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BYW85 is 600V, Standard Avalanche Sinterglass Diode (Rectifier). An avalanche diode is a type of semiconductor diode designed to operate in the reverse breakdown region, where a phenomenon called “avalanche breakdown” occurs. This phenomenon involves the sudden and rapid increase in the flow of current through the diode when it is operated in reverse bias beyond its specified breakdown voltage.

1. Avalanche Breakdown: Avalanche breakdown is a phenomenon that occurs in semiconductor materials when the electric field across the diode becomes strong enough to cause the generation of charge carriers (electrons and holes) through collision processes. These newly generated carriers further accelerate and collide with other atoms, leading to a self-sustaining “avalanche” of carriers and a rapid increase in current.

2. Reverse Bias: Avalanche diodes are typically operated in reverse bias, meaning that the voltage applied across the diode is in the direction that normally blocks current flow. As the voltage increases beyond a certain threshold called the “avalanche breakdown voltage,” the diode enters the avalanche breakdown region.


• Glass passivated junction
• Hermetically sealed package
• Controlled avalanche characteristics
• Low reverse current
• High surge current loading
• AEC-Q101 qualified […]

BYW85 datasheet rectifier


1. Rectification, general purpose

BYW85 PDF Datasheet