C2837 PDF Datasheet – 150V, NPN Transistor – 2SC2837

This post explains for the transistor 2SC2837.

The Part Number is C2837.

The function of this semiconductor is NPN Transistor.

Manufacturer: SavantIC

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This is Silicon NPN Power Transistor.

Absolute maximum ratings ( Ta=25°C )

1. Collector to Base Voltage: Vcbo = 150 V

2. Collector to Emitter Voltage: Vceo = 150 V

3. Emitter to Base Voltage: Vebo = 5 V

4. Collector Current: Ic = 10 A

5. Collector Dissipation : Pc = 100 W

6. Junction Temperature: Tj = 150°C

7. Storage Temperature: Tsg = -55 ~ +150°C

SavantIC Semiconductor ·With TO-3PN package ·Complement to type 2SA1186 Applications ·For audio and general purpose applications PINNING PIN Description 1 Base 2 Collector;connected to mounting base 3 Emitter Product Specification 2SC2837 Fig.1 simplified outline (TO-3PN) and symbol Absolute maximum ratings (Ta=25 ) SYMBOL PARAMETER VCBO VCEO VEBO IC IB PC Tj Tstg Collector-base voltage Collector-emitter voltage Emitter-base voltage Collector current Base current Collector power dissipation Junction temperature Storage temperature CONDITIONS Open emitter Open base Open collector TC=25 VALUE 150 150 5 10 2 100 150 -55~150 UNIT V V V A A W SavantIC Semiconductor Silicon NPN Power Transistors CHARACTERISTICS Tj=25 unless otherwise specified SYMBOL PARAMETER CONDITIONS V(BR)CEO Collector-emitter breakdown voltage IC=25mA ;IB=0 VCEsat Collector-emitter saturation voltage IC=5A ;IB=0 […]


C2837 Datasheet