CD2003GB PDF Datasheet – FM/AM RADIO IC, 16 Pin

The Part Number is CD2003GB.

The function of this semiconductor is FM/AM RADIO IC.

The package is DIP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: China Hua Jing Electronics

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An FM/AM radio IC (Integrated Circuit) is a semiconductor device designed to handle the reception and processing of both Frequency Modulation (FM) and Amplitude Modulation (AM) radio signals. These chips are commonly used in various electronic devices, such as car radios, portable radios, clock radios, and stereo systems.

The CD2003GP, CD2003GB is a monolithic IC designed for use as a FM/AM radio system.
Combined with audio power amplifier IC, a suitable FM/AM radio can be constituted.

Its features are:

1. No need for FM IFT, AM IFT, and FM detector coil

2. Adjustment free for FM detector circuit

3. Wide operating supply voltage range: VCC=1.8~7V (Tamb =25℃ )

4. Package: DIP16/SOP16


Pin Descriptions :

1. INFMR FM RF Input, 9. GNDOUT Output Ground

2. GNDIN Input Ground, 10. QUAD QUAD

3. OUTF MM FM Mixer Output, 11. OUTDET Detector Output

4. OUTAMM AM Mixer Output, 12. OSCAM AM Oscillation

5. AGC AGC Control, 13. OSCF M FM Oscillation

6. VCC Supply Voltage, 14. SW AM/FM Switch

7. INAMI AM IF Input, 15. TUNFM FM Tuner

8. INFMI FM IF Input, 16. INAMR AM RF Input


CD2003GB PDF Datasheet