CD2399GP Datasheet – Reverberation Processing Chip ( PDF )

This post explains for the semiconductor CD2399GP.

The Part Number is CD2399GP.

The function of this semiconductor is Reverb FM tuning circuit.

The package is 16 Pin type.

Manufacturer: ETC

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CD2399GP is a reverberation processing chip, which has digital-to-analog, analog-to-digital conversion functions and high sampling frequency, and also has a built-in 44K memory. The digital processing part generates the delay time. The system clock is generated by a built-in voltage-controlled oscillator, which is a major feature of digital processing circuits, which makes the frequency easy to adjust. […]

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1. with automatic reset function
2. Low noise, typically, NO<-90dBV
3. Low distortion, THD<1.0%
4. Externally adjustable VCO

CD2399GP Datasheet