CD5888CB PDF Datasheet – 5-channel Motor Driver

This post explains for the Motor Driver.

The Part Number is CD5888CB.

The function of this semiconductor is 5-channel motor driver.

The package is HSOP 28 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Wuxi China Resources Silicone Microelectronics



The CD5888CB is a 5-channel BTL driver IC for CD-ROM and DVD players for motor and drive power drive circuit built-in three independent precision voltage regulator adjustable range from 1.5V to 4V support a variety of applications the way.


1. Separate power supplies VCC1 and VCC2 can

2. Improve power efficiency by providing low voltage for tracking, focusing and spindle

3. Built-in level conversion circuit

4. Built-in thermal cut-off circuit

5. Built-in squelch circuit

6. Spindle motor driver, one-way linear input and output are composed of bridge amplifier

7. Loading motor driver DC motor driver can support discs in and out of the bin

8. Built-in 3 voltage regulators adjustable range 1.5V~4V

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CD5888CB Datasheet PDF