CHQ1838D PDF Datasheet – Infrared Receiver Module

Part Number: CHQ1838D

Function: Infrared Receiver Module

Manufacturer: CHQ

Images:CHQ1838D pdf pinout


CHQ1838D is Infrared Receiver Module. An Infrared Receiver Module, often referred to as an IR receiver or IR sensor, is an electronic component that detects and decodes infrared signals. Infrared (IR) signals are electromagnetic waves with wavelengths longer than those of visible light, making them invisible to the human eye.

1. Detection: IR receivers are sensitive to the infrared light emitted by IR transmitters, which are commonly found in remote controls, IR blasters, and other devices. When an IR transmitter sends out a modulated IR signal, the IR receiver module detects the incoming IR radiation.

2. Signal Demodulation: IR receivers often receive modulated IR signals, meaning the intensity of the IR light is modulated (turned on and off) at a specific frequency. The IR receiver module demodulates the incoming signal to extract the original data encoded in the modulation.


1. Small design

2. Built-in dedicated IC

3. Wide angle and long distance reception

4. Strong anti-dry ability

5. Can withstand the influence of ambient light

6. Low voltage work


1. Audio-visual equipment (audio, television, video recorder, disc player)

2. Home appliances (air conditioners, fans, lamps)

3. Other infrared remote control products;


CHQ1838D datasheet

Use caution :

1. Store and use in an environment without any external pressure and affect the quality;

2. Store and use in a non-polluting gas or sea breeze (containing salt) environment;

3. Store and use in a low humidity environment;

CHQ1838D PDF Datasheet