Part Number: CM2N65

Function: 650V, POWER MOSFET

Package: TO-220FL Type

Manufacturer: Jingdao Electronic

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CM2N65 pdf mosfet


CM2N65 is 650V N-Channel VDMOS. Prevent static electricity when using and storing, Compliant with RoHS and other environmental protection directives.

1. Voltage Rating: The MOSFET is rated to handle a maximum voltage of 650 volts (V). This indicates the maximum voltage the MOSFET can withstand without experiencing breakdown or damage.

2. N-Channel Configuration: The MOSFET operates as an N-channel transistor, meaning it has an N-type channel between the drain and source terminals. In an N-channel MOSFET, a positive voltage applied to the gate terminal controls the flow of current between the drain and source.

VDMOS stands for Vertical Diffused MOS, which is a common MOSFET manufacturing technology. It involves a vertically-oriented structure in which the source, gate, and drain regions are arranged along the vertical axis, allowing for efficient power handling and low on-resistance (RDS(on)).


1. The main purpose

(1) Mainly used for charger, LED driver, PC auxiliary

(2) Various power switch circuits such as power supplies

2. Features

(1) Fast switching speed

(2) Small on-state resistance and small input capacitance


CM2N65 datasheet

CM2N65 PDF Datasheet