CM6800TX PDF – EPA/85+ PFC+PWM Controller ( Datasheet )

Part Number: CM6800TX


Package: DIP, SOP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Champion Microelectronic ( )


CM6800TX pdf controller



The CM6800TX is a turbo-speed PFC and a Green PWM controller. It is designed to further increase power supply efficiency while using the relatively lower 380V Bulk Capacitor value.

1. Hold Up time can be increased ~ 30% from the existing 6800 power supply

2. Turbo Speed PFC may reduce 420 Bulk Capacitor size

3. 420V bulk capacitor value may be reduced and PFC Boost Capacitor ripple current can be reduced

4. No Load Consumption can be reduced 290mW at 270VAC

5. Better Power Factor and Better THD

6. Clean Digital PFC Brown Out

7. PWM transformer size can be smaller


1. 23V Bi-CMOS process

2. Designed for EPA/85+ efficiency

3. Digitized Exactly 50% Maximum PWM Duty Cycle

4. Low start-up current (55uA typ.)

5. Low operating current (2.5mA typ.)

6. 16.5V VCC shunt regulator

7. Leading Edge Blanking for both PFC and PWM



CM6800TX pinout datasheet

1. Power Factor is a measure of how effectively electrical power is being converted into useful work output in a circuit. In many electrical systems, the power factor can be less than ideal due to the presence of reactive power, which does not contribute to useful work but still draws current.

2. A PWM controller, or Pulse Width Modulation controller, is a device or circuit that generates PWM signals. PWM is a method for controlling the average voltage or current delivered to a load by rapidly switching a power source on and off. By varying the width of the pulses (the duty cycle), the average output voltage or current can be controlled.



1. Desktop PC Power Supply

2. Internet Server Power Supply

3. LCD Power Supply

4. DC Motor Power Supply

5. Monitor Power Supply

6. Telecom System Power Supply

CM6800TX PDF Datasheet

CM6800TX pdf