CS2000-CP PDF Datasheet – Fractional-N Clock Synthesizer

Part Number: CS2000-CP

Function: Fractional-N Clock Synthesizer & Clock Multiplier

Package: MSOP 10 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Cirrus Logic


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The CS2000-CP is an extremely versatile system clocking device that utilizes a programmable phase
lock loop. The CS2000-CP is based on a hybrid analog-digital PLL architecture comprised of a unique combination of a Delta-Sigma Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizer and a Digital PLL. This architecture allows for both frequency synthesis/clock generation from a stable reference clock as well as generation of a low-jitter clock relative to an external noisy synchronization clock.


1. Delta-Sigma Fractional-N Frequency Synthesis

(1) Generates a Low Jitter 6 – 75 MHz Clock from an 8 – 75 MHz Reference Clock

2. Clock Multiplier / Jitter Reduction

(1) Generates a Low Jitter 6 – 75 MHz Clock from a Jittery or Intermittent 50 Hz to 30 MHz Clock Source

3. Highly Accurate PLL Multiplication Factor

(1) Maximum Error Less Than 1 PPM in High Resolution Mode



CS2000-CP Datasheet PDF

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