CXA3810M PDF Datasheet – AC-DC Controller

Part Number: CXA3810M

Function: AC-DC Controller

Package: SOP 24 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Sony

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The CXA3810M has optimum configuration to realize various power supply circuits easily and compactly by including Power-factor correction, resonant controller and various protection function in one package. (Applications: Power supply circuit, etc.)

An AC-DC controller, also known as an AC-DC converter or power supply, is an electronic device that converts alternating current (AC) electrical power from a mains power source (such as a wall outlet) into direct current (DC) power suitable for powering electronic devices and circuits. AC-DC controllers are essential components in a wide range of applications, including consumer electronics, industrial equipment, telecommunications, and more.


1. Power-factor correction

(1) Critical conduction mode PFC control

(2) Supports W/W input

(3) Start timer

(4) Maximum frequency limit (During overcurrent detection)

(5) Continuous overcurrent detection protection function

2. Resonant controller

(1) Timer-latch over current protection

(2) Soft start function

(3) Adjustment minimum frequency limit

(4) Pulse over current load detection

CXA3810M datasheet controller

3. Common

(1) Adjacent 2-pin short protection

(2) Various protection functions including overvoltage and overcurrent

(3) AC off detection

(4) PFC-OK signal output

CXA3810M PDF Datasheet