D1843 Datasheet – NPN Transistor, 2SD1843 – NEC

Part Number: D1843, 2SD1843

Function: NPN Silicon Transistor

Package: TO-126 Type

Manufacturer: NEC


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The D1843 is a Darlington connection transistor with on-chip dumper diode in collector to emitter and zener diode in collector to base. This transistor is ideal for use in acuator drives such as motors, relays, and solenoids.


• High DC current gain due to Darlington connection

• High surge resistance due to on-chip protection elements: C to E: Dumper diode C to B: Zener diode

• Low collector saturation voltage


Parameter Collector to base voltage Collector to emitter voltage Emitter to base voltage Collector current (DC) Collector current (pulse) Total power dissipation Junction temperature Storage temperature Symbol VCBO VCEO VEBO IC(DC) IC(pulse)- PT(Ta = 25°C) Tj Tstg Ratings 60±10 60±10 7.0 ±1.0 ±2.0 1.0 150 −55 to +150 – PW ≤ 10 ms, duty cycle ≤ 50% Unit V V V A A W °C °C PACKAGE DRAWING (UNIT: mm) ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Ta = 25°C) Parameter Symbol Conditions Collector cutoff current Emitter cutoff current DC current gain DC current gain ICBO IEBO. The information in this document is subject to change without notice. Before using this document, please confirm that this is the latest version. Not all devices/types available in every country. Please check with local NEC representative for availability and additional information. Unit µA mA V V µs µs µs Document No. D16200EJ1V0DS00 Date Published April 2002 N CP(K) Printed in Japan © 21090928 TYPICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Ta = 25°C) 2SD1843 2 Data Sheet D16200EJ1V0DS SWICHING TIME (ton, tstg, tf) TEST CIRCUIT 2SD1843 Data Sheet D16200EJ1V0DS 3  […]

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D1843 Datasheet