D2822 PDF Datasheet – Dual Power Amplifier

A dual audio power amplifier typically refers to a device or circuit that amplifies audio signals from two separate sources or channels. This type of amplifier is commonly used in stereo systems, home theaters, and other audio applications where separate audio channels need to be amplified and played through speakers.

Part Number: D2822

Function: Dual Power Amplifier

Package: DIP 8 Pin type

Manufacturer: Shaoxing Silicore

Images:D2822 pdf pinout


The D2822 is a monolithic integrated circuit in 8 lead Minidip package. It is intended for use as dual audio power amplifier in portable cassette tape players and radios.

1. Stereo Sound: In stereo systems, the left and right audio channels are amplified separately to maintain the spatial audio separation and provide a more immersive listening experience.

2. Speaker Output: The amplified audio signals from each channel are then sent to corresponding speakers. This is important for achieving balanced audio reproduction.

3. Power Output: The power output of each channel indicates how much power the amplifier can deliver to the speakers. It’s typically measured in watts (W) and determines how loud the speakers can play without distortion.


1. Dual Low-voltage power amplifier

2. Supply voltage down to 1.8V

3. Low crossover distortion Outline Drawing

4. Low quiescent current

5. Bridge or stereo configuration

D2822 datasheet amplifier


D2822 PDF Datasheet

D2822 pdf