DART-SD800 PDF – High Performance System-on-Module

Part Number: DART-SD800

Function: High performance System-on-Module

Manufacturer: Variscite

Images:DART-SD800 datasheet


The DART-SD800 is a high performance System-on-Module. It provides an ideal building block that easily integrates with a wide range of target markets requiring rich multimedia functionality, powerful graphics and video capabilities, as well as highprocessing power. Highly compact, cost effective and with low power consumption makes it to be the best choice for a high end products. […]

DART-SD800 pdf pinout

SOM System On a Module

1. USB Universal Serial Bus
2. LCD Liquid Crystal Display
3. FFC Flexible Flat Cable
4. HDMI High Definition Multimedia Interface
5. OTG On The Go USB interface
6. MMC/SD Multi Media Card /Secure Digital card
7. ESD Electro Static Discharge
8. I2S Inter-IC Sound
9. I2C Inter-Integrated Circuit bus
10. PCI Express Peripheral Component Interconnect Express
11. MIPI Mobile Industry Processor Interface
12. DMIC Digital Microphone

DART-SD800 PDF Datasheet

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