DB3 PDF Datasheet – Silicon Bidirectional DIAC

Part Number: DB3

Function: Silicon Bidirectional DIAC

Package: DO-35 Type

Manufacturer: SEMTECH


DB3 diac


DB3 is DIAC. A DIAC (Diode for Alternating Current) is a two-terminal semiconductor device that conducts electric current only after its breakdown voltage has been reached and continues to conduct until the current through it drops below a certain level. The DIAC is commonly used in trigger circuits for devices such as TRIACs, which are used for controlling AC power in applications like dimmer switches, motor speed control, and light intensity control.

The glass passivated, three-layer, two terminal, axial lead, hermetically sealed diacs are designed specifically for triggering thyristors. They demonstrate low breakover current at breakover voltage as they withstand peak pulse current. These diacs are intended for use in thyristor phase control, circuits for lamp-dimming, universal-motor speed controls, and heat controls. […]

DB3 pdf datasheet


1. Triggering device for Triac or SCR based motor / light dimmer

2. 32 V trigger device for oscillator circuit

3. Start up triggering in lighting ballast for CFL, TL or LED lamps

DB3 PDF Datasheet

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