DFS454 PDF Datasheet – Fast Recovery Diode

Part Number: DFS454

Function: Fast Recovery Diode

Package: Disk Type

Manufacturer: Dynex

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DFS454 is Fast Recovery Diode. A Fast Recovery Diode (FRD), also known as a Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diode (FRED), is a type of diode specifically designed to have a fast recovery time when transitioning from its conducting state to its non-conducting state and vice versa. The recovery time of a diode refers to the time it takes for the diode to stop conducting current after the voltage across it changes from forward bias to reverse bias (or vice versa).

Regular diodes have a certain amount of charge stored in their depletion region, which can cause a delay in turning off the diode when the voltage polarity changes. This delay can lead to higher switching losses and reduced efficiency in high-frequency applications.

Fast Recovery Diodes are designed to minimize this recovery time and reduce switching losses. They are commonly used in applications where rapid switching is required, such as in high-frequency rectifiers, power converters, motor drives, and other switching power electronics circuits. Fast Recovery Diodes are particularly beneficial in situations where minimizing switching losses and improving efficiency are critical.


1. Double Side Cooling

2. High Surge Capability

3. Low Recovery Charge

DFS454 datasheet

Fast Recovery Diodes are commonly used in switching power supplies, motor control circuits, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), induction heating systems, and various applications where high-speed switching and efficiency are important considerations.


1. Induction Heating

2. A.C. Motor Drives

3. Inverters And Choppers

4. Welding

5. High Frequency Rectification

6. UPS

DFS454 PDF Datasheet