DG502 PDF Datasheet – Stand-alone Proximity System

Part Number: DG502


Manufacturer: CDVI


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Edition 02/2000 DG502 Y2K STAND-ALONE PROXIMITY SYSTEM 500 PROXIMITY BADGES 2 DOORS Wiring diagram WIRING DIAGRAM AND INSTRUCTIONS PCB front view 1 4 2 5 8 0 3 6 9 Warning Do not use a switching power supply because of the interference radiation that may disturb the reading of the badges 12 3 7 … ST1 # RL1 RL2 R C T R C T S S B M E 1 2 3 4 5 6 12 V 12 V Strike M A G N E T PB1 PB2 V1 V2 230V~ Input voltage 12V ~ or = B E M R C T V1 V2 ST1 S, S RL1 RL2 Push button 1 Push button 2 Common PB1 PB2 N/C contact Common N/O contact Varistor RL1 Varistor RL2 Reset jumper Trigger output Door 1 relay output Door 2 relay output Auxiliary reader (terminal connections) See wiring diagram of auxiliary readers 12 V 1 2 3 4 5 Input voltage Input voltage Data Buzzer Green LED Common Red LED 12 V 1 4 5 3 2 This device comes with a varistor. The varistor must be connected to the strike terminal (electromagnet…) operated by the device. If this product works with many strikes, each of them should have a varistor. The varistor controls the overload produced by the strike coil – self-effect. If you are using a « Shear Lock » electromagnetic lock, it is recommended to use a separate power supply than the one connected to the DG502 ! Edition 17/02/00 Technical features Input voltage Output Anti-triggering contact Badge entry Master code Inputs Keyboard Distance between the auxiliary reader and the main reader 12V ~ or = 2 relays, N/O & N/C contact 3 amp @ 125V 500 milli amp 50V ~ or = 500 programmable badges 5-digit programmable code 2 request-to-exit 12-digit keypad with built-in buzzer (audible signal) minimum 60 cm, maximum 50 m (cable minimum 7 x 0.6 mm2) Warning: Do not use a switching power supply because of the interference radiation that may disturb the reading of the badges. . Default values Master code: Relay time delay: Key-in keypad: 12345 1 second 10 seconds Audible signals 1 beep (long) Validation of data in programming mode: master code, proximity badge or time delay. Or access code validated 2 beeps (short) Accessing the programming mode or going out from the programming mode 4 beeps (short) Badge not programmed or incorrect master code, time delay entered Visual signals LED colour Green Red Orange Orange flashing Normal mode Door relay activated Alarm relay activated Stand-by Programming mode Badge position empty Badge position busy Programming mode Data computing error Request-to-exit The two request-to-exit push button PB1 and PB2 operate relay RL1 and RL2. The LED becomes green when the relay is activated by one of the push button. 2 Edition 17/02/00 Setting a new master code 1. Enter the master code twice (for the first use the master code default value is 12345). 2 beeps and the orange LED lights on confirming that you are in programming mode. 2. Enter *3 then the 5-digit new master code. The LED goes off for 1 second and an audible beep indicates that the new master code is memorised. 3. Press # to exit from t […]

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DG502 Datasheet