DK124 PDF – 24W Off-line Switching Power Supply, DIP 8

Part Number: DK124

Function: 24W Off-line Switching Power Supply

Package: DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: DongKe Semicondutor

Images:DK124 pdf


The DK124 is an off-line switching power supply chip with a maximum output power of 24W. Different from the solution combining PWM controller and external discrete power MOS, DK124 integrates PWM controller, 700V power tube and primary peak current detection circuit, and adopts patented self-power technology that can It simplifies the peripheral application circuit, reduces the number of components, circuit size and weight, and is especially suitable for cost-sensitive flyback switching power supplies.


1. Full voltage input 85V thru 265V

2. Built-in 700V high voltage power tube

3. Internally integrated high-voltage start-up circuit, no external start-up resistor is required

4. Built-in 16mS soft-start circuit

5. Patented self-powered technology, no need for external auxiliary winding power supply

6. Built-in frequency modulation circuit, which simplifies the cost of peripheral EMI design

7. Complete over voltage, over temperature, over current, overload, output open/short circuit protection

DK124 pinout datasheet


1. DVD, VCR, STB power supply

2. Adapter, charger power supply

3. LED power


DK124 PDF Datasheet