DM07652R – FSDM07652R – Green Mode Power Switch

Part Number: DM07652R, FSDM07652R

Function: Green Mode Fairchild Power Switch

Package: TO-220F-6L Type

Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor


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Description FSDM07652R Green Mode Fairchild Power Switch (FPSTM)


• Internal Avalanche Rugged Sense FET • Advanced Burst-Mode operation consumes under 1 W at 240VAC & 0.5W load • Precision Fixed Operating Frequency (66kHz) • Internal Start-up Circuit • Pulse by Pulse Current Limiting • Abnormal Over Current Protection (AOCP) • Over Voltage Protection (OVP) • Over Load Protection (OLP) • Internal Thermal Shutdown Function (TSD) • Auto-Restart Mode • Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO) with hysteresis • Low Operating Current (2.5mA) • Built-in Soft Start OUTPUT POWER TABLE 230VAC ±15%(3) 85-265VAC PRODUCT Adapt- Open Adapt- Open er(1) Frame(2) er(1) Frame(2) FSDM0565R 60W 70W 50W 60W FSDM07652R 70W 80W 60W 70W Table 1. Notes: 1. Typical continuous power in a non-ven- tilated enclosed adapter measured at 50°C ambient. 2. Maximum practical continuous power in an open frame design at 50°C ambient. 3. 230 VAC or 100/115 VAC with doubler. Application • SMPS for LCD monitor and STB • Adaptor Description The FSDM07652R is an integrated Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) and Sense FET specifically designed for high performance offline Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) with minimal external components. This device is an integrated high voltage power switching regulator which combine an avalanche rugged Sense FET with a current mode PWM control block. The PWM controller includes integrated fixed frequency oscillator, under voltage lockout, leading edge blanking (LEB), optimized gate driver, internal soft start, temperature compensated precise current sources for a loop compensation and self protection circuitry. Compared with discrete MOSFET and PWM controller solution, it can reduce total cost, component count, size and weight simultaneously increasing efficiency, productivity, and system reliability. This device is a basic platform well suited for cost effective designs of flyback converters. Typical Circuit AC IN Vstr Drain PWM Vfb Vcc Source Figure 1. Typical Flyback Application DC OUT ©2005 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation Rev.1.0.6 FSDM07652R Internal Block Diagram N.C 5 0.5/0.7V Vfb 4 Vcc Idelay + Vref IFB Soft start Vcc 3 8V/12V Switching disable 2.5R R Vcc good Vstr 6 Istart Vref OSC PWM SQ RQ LEB VSD Vcc Vovp TSD Vcc good SQ RQ AOCP Drain 1 Internal Bias Gate driver Vocp 2 GND Figure 2. Functional Block Diagram of FSDM07652R 2 Pin Definitions FSDM07652R Pin Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 Pin Name Drain GND Vcc Vfb N.C Vstr Pin Function Description This pin is the high voltage power Sense FET drain. It is designed to drive the transformer directly. This pin is the control ground and the Sense FET source. This pin is the positive supply voltage input. During start up, the power is supplied by an internal high voltage current source that is connected to the Vstr pin. When Vcc reaches 12V, the internal high voltage current source is disabled and the power is supplied from the […]

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DM07652R Datasheet