DP904C PDF Datasheet – PWM Controller, TO220-5P

This post explains for the PWM Controller.

The Part Number is DP904C.

The package is TO220-5P type.

The function of this semiconductor is pulse-width modulated Controller.

Manufacturer: ETC


DP904C pdf datasheet


This DP904C is a current mode pulse-width modulated (PWM) controller combined with a high-voltage power SenseFET in a single package. The PWM controller features integrated oscillator to be synchronized with the external sync signal, under-voltage lockout, optimized gate driver,
temperature compensated precise current sources for the loop compensation.

1 page
DP904C image


1. Quasi Resonant Converter Controller

2. Internal Burst mode Controller for Stand-by mode

3. Pulse by pulse current limiting

4. Over current Latch protection


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1. SMPS for Monitor

DP904C PDF Datasheet



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