DP904C PDF Datasheet – PWM Controller, TO220-5P

This post explains for the PWM Controller.

The Part Number is DP904C.

The package is TO220-5P type.

The function of this semiconductor is pulse-width modulated Controller.

Manufacturer: ETC


DP904C pdf datasheet


This DP904C is a current mode pulse-width modulated (PWM) controller combined with a high-voltage power SenseFET in a single package. The PWM controller features integrated oscillator to be synchronized with the external sync signal, under-voltage lockout, optimized gate driver,
temperature compensated precise current sources for the loop compensation.

A current-mode PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) controller is an integrated circuit (IC) or semiconductor device designed to control the duty cycle of a switching power supply based on the feedback of the output current. It is commonly used in switch-mode power supplies (SMPS) to regulate and control the output voltage or current, making it a fundamental component in many electronic devices and power conversion applications.

Block Diagram

DP904C image


1. Quasi Resonant Converter Controller

2. Internal Burst mode Controller for Stand-by mode

3. Pulse by pulse current limiting

4. Over current Latch protection


2 page

1. Feedback Control: Current-mode PWM controllers regulate the output voltage or current by continuously monitoring the output current and adjusting the switching duty cycle accordingly. This feedback loop helps maintain precise control and stability in the power supply.

2. Switching Regulation: These controllers use PWM to control the switching operation of power transistors (usually MOSFETs) in the SMPS. By adjusting the width of the switching pulses, they regulate the energy delivered to the load.


1. SMPS for Monitor

2. power adapters, LED drivers, voltage regulator

3. DC-DC converter

DP904C PDF Datasheet



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