EA-D16015 PDF – Alphanumeric Dot Matrix LCD Module

Part Number: EA-D16015

Function: 40 digits x 2 lines, Dot Matrix LCD Module

Manufacturer: EPSON Electronics

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EA-D16015 is Alphanumeric Dot Matrix LCD Module. This LCD module is a type of display module that can display both text and simple graphics using a matrix of dots. These modules are commonly used in various electronic devices, appliances, industrial equipment, and consumer products where information needs to be presented to the user.


1. Built in a display data RAM : 80 x 8 bits : for 80 characters

2. Maximum Display Digit x Line : 40 digits x 2 lines

3. Duty ratio : 1/16 ( by setting a command )

4. High Speed Bus Interface with 4 bits and 8 bits MPU

5. Many Display Control Instructions

6. Character Font : 5 x 7 dots + Cursor line

EA-D16015 datasheet


1. Digital watches and clocks

2. Electronic appliances (e.g., microwave ovens, washing machines)

3. Industrial control panels and equipment

4. Consumer electronics (e.g., calculators, thermometers)

5. Medical devices

6. Automotive dashboard displays

7. Point-of-sale (POS) terminals

Note ]

The display panel is made of glass. Care must be exercised to avoid dropping it or subjecting it to strong mechanical shocks.

Other data sheets are available within the file: EA-D24025, EA-D16025, EA-D40025, EA-D20025

EA-D16015 PDF Datasheet

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