EG-530AD-2B PDF Datasheet – 12V, 2400 RPM Motor

Part Number: EG-530AD-2B, EG-530AD-xx

Function: 12V, 2400 RPM Motor

Manufacturer: Mabuchi, ETC


EG-530AD-2B datasheet pdf


A 12V, 2400 RPM motor refers to an electric motor that operates on a voltage of 12 volts and rotates at a speed of 2400 revolutions per minute (RPM). The voltage (12V) indicates the electrical potential difference required to power the motor, and the RPM (2400) indicates the number of rotations the motor shaft makes in one minute.

Electric motors come in various configurations, sizes, and types, each designed for specific applications. Motors with a voltage rating of 12V are commonly used in low-voltage applications, such as automotive accessories, small appliances, robotics, and certain industrial equipment.


1. Arduino Compatible SCM & DIY Kits Smart Robot & Solar Panel

2.  Rated voltage : 12V

3. Direction of rotation : CCW

4. Speed adjustment : 2400RPM

5. EG530AD2B 12VDC(2400)CCW

(1) DVD Recorder Motor Counterclockwise Rotation

(2) Arduino Compatible SCM & DIY Kits Smart Robot & Solar Panel

(3) 1 x EDIFIER W288BT Bluetooth Earphone

[…]EG-530AD-2B motor manual


1. Motor diameter : 32mm

2. Mounting holes : 25mm

3. Axial length : 8mm

4. Motor thickness : 23mm

5. The shaft diameter : 2mm

EG-530AD-2B PDF Datasheet

EG-530AD-2B pdf

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