F9222L PDF Datasheet – 500V, MOSFET, M-POWER2 – Fuji

Part Number: F9222L, F9221L

Function: 500V, MOSFET, M-POWER2

Package: SIP-13 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Fuji


F9222L datasheet pdf


Fuji Smart power device Fuji Smart power device :M-POWER2 for Multi for Multi-oscillated current resonant type power supply oscillated current resonant type power supply.


Multiple-chip Power Device:M-POWER2 contains IC and two MOSFETs in SIP-13pin package.
M-POWER has various types of protection functions.

1. High efficiency (a reduction in SMPS size is possible.)

(1) DC/DC : 92.3%(DC input:400V,output:16V)

(2)PFC+DC/DC :87.0%(AC100V),89.5%(AC200V)

2. Fail-safety (Built in protection functions:OC,SC,OV,Tj(OH))

3. Easy design power supply (Reduction of design time


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F9222L Datasheet