F9222L PDF Datasheet – 500V, MOSFET, M-POWER2 – Fuji

Part Number: F9222L, F9221L

Function: 500V, MOSFET, M-POWER2

Package: SIP-13 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Fuji


F9222L datasheet pdf


F9222L is Fuji Smart power device Fuji Smart power device. M-POWER2 for Multi for Multi-oscillated current resonant type power supply oscillated current resonant type power supply.

“MOSFET for Switch Power IC” refers to the type of metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) that is commonly used in switch-mode power supply (SMPS) integrated circuits (ICs). These MOSFETs are designed to handle the high currents and switching frequencies involved in power conversion processes within SMPS designs.

Switch-mode power supplies are widely used to efficiently convert one voltage level to another, often with regulation and isolation. They are commonly found in various electronic devices, including computers, mobile phones, televisions, and more. The MOSFETs used in these applications play a crucial role in controlling the power flow and efficiency of the SMPS.


Multiple-chip Power Device:M-POWER2 contains IC and two MOSFETs in SIP-13pin package.
M-POWER has various types of protection functions.

1. High efficiency (a reduction in SMPS size is possible.)

(1) DC/DC : 92.3%(DC input:400V,output:16V)

(2)PFC+DC/DC :87.0%(AC100V),89.5%(AC200V)

2. Fail-safety (Built in protection functions:OC,SC,OV,Tj(OH))

3. Easy design power supply (Reduction of design time

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F9222L PDF Datasheet