FL064P PDF Datasheet – 64-Mbit, Flash Memory ( S25FL064P )

Part Number: FL064P, S25FL064P

Function: 64-Mbit CMOS 3.0 Volt Flash Memor

Package: SO 16pin Type, BGA 24-ball Type

Manufacturer: Spansion


FL064P pdf datasheet


The FL064P is 64-Mbit CMOS 3.0 Volt Flash Memory with 104-MHz SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) Multi I/O Bus.

Flash memory is a type of non-volatile computer memory that can be easily programmed and reprogrammed, even after many thousands of write/erase cycles. Unlike traditional rotating hard drives or magnetic tapes, flash memory stores data electronically, which means it retains its contents even when the power is turned off. This makes it an attractive option for devices that require fast and reliable storage, such as smartphones, digital cameras, and USB drives.

There are two main types of flash memory: NAND flash and NOR flash. NAND flash is commonly used for data storage, while NOR flash is used for code storage due to its faster random access times.


1. Memory architecture

(1) Uniform 64 kB sectors

(2) Top or bottom parameter block (Two 64-kB sectors (top or bottom) broken down into sixteen 4-kB sub-sectors each)

(3) 256-byte page size

(4) Backward compatible with the S25FL064A device

2. Program

(1) Page Program (up to 256 bytes) in 1.5 ms (typical)

(2) Program operations are on a page by page basis

(3) Accelerated programming mode via 9V W#/ACC pin

(4) Quad Page Programming




Other data sheets are available within the file:

S25FL064P0XMFI001, FL064PIF

FL064P Datasheet PDF