FTC334F PDF Datasheet – Touch key Controller, SOP 16

A touch key controller, also known as a touch sensor controller or capacitive touch key controller, is an electronic device or integrated circuit (IC) designed to interface with and control touch-sensitive input devices, such as capacitive touch keypads or touchscreens. These controllers enable the detection of touch or proximity to the sensor surface and translate these inputs into specific actions or commands in electronic systems or user interfaces.

Part Number: FTC334F

Function: Touch key Controller

Package: SOP-16L type

Manufacturer: FEIYI


FTC334F datasheet pinout


FTC334F is a professional capacitive touch button processing chip, using the latest high-precision digital capacitance measurement technology, can prevent various interferences, anti-panel water drops, adapt to various power supply and so on.

Can support up to 10 touch button functions, the output uses scan code output mode, only need 3 lines to read the button value, can be connected with 1628 and other LED driver IC. It is very suitable for the application of various electrical products with digital screens.

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1. Super strong anti-EMC interference, can prevent the antenna of transmitting equipment such as walkie-talkies with power up to 5W from being close to the touch point.

2. Very simple peripheral circuit, the simplest application peripheral only needs a reference capacitor. (Depending on customer requirements, if you need to improve ESD and EMC, you need to connect 1 resistor to each button)

3. Waterproof and interference-proof, a piece of water droplets covering the touch panel will not affect the effective identification of the keys.

4. The ultra-wide operating voltage range is 3.0V-5.5V, which can be applied to the currently widely used 3.3V system and 3.0V battery system.

5. Power supply voltage change adaptation function, built-in voltage compensation circuit, automatic compensation when the power supply voltage changes within the working range, does not affect the normal operation of the chip.

6. Automatic adaptation to changes in ambient temperature and humidity, and the application of the technology to slowly adapt to the environment, so that the chip can work continuously for an infinite time without sensitivity differences.


FTC334F PDF Datasheet

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