GS-SH-205T PDF – 5V, DPDP Relay – Good Sky ( Manual )

Part Number: GS-SH-205T

Function: 5V, 1A, DPDP Relay

Pakcage : PCB DIP 8 Pin

Manufacturer: Good Sky Electric


GS-SH-205T pdf datasheet relay


GS-SH-205T is 5V, 1A, DPDT RELAY (RC).

1. Voltage Rating: The relay is designed to be energized and operated with a control voltage of 5V. This voltage is typically supplied to the relay’s coil to activate the switching action.

2. Current Rating: The relay is capable of switching current up to 1 ampere (A). This current rating specifies the maximum current that can be handled by each contact without exceeding its current carrying capacity.

3. DPDT Configuration: The DPDT configuration of the relay means it has two sets of independent switching contacts. This allows the relay to switch two separate circuits simultaneously.

DPDT relays are widely used in applications such as control panels, automation systems, motor control, power distribution, and other applications where multiple circuits need to be controlled or switched.

Main Feature:

1. 92/8 gold silver alloy on silver palladium contact type is suitable for low level switching application.

2. Small size and light weight can provide high density P.C. Board mounting.

3. 2.54gmm Terminal Pitch.

4. Low Coil Power Consumption of GS-T Type and high Coil Power Consumption of GS-D type are available to meet user’s selection.

5. Employment of suitable plastic materials to be applied to high temperature and various chemical solution.

6. Plastic epoxy resin sealed type for washing procedure.


1. DPDT contact

2. 5V DC coil voltage

3. 120V AC/24V DC contact voltage

4. 2A contact current

5. 7.62mm pitch

6. 21mm long, 10.1mm wide, 12.1mm high


1. Telecommunication, domestic appliances, office machine

2. Audio equipment, Remote Control, etc.

GS-SH-205T pinout

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GS-SH-205T PDF Datasheet