GS069 PDF Datasheet – DC Rotational Velocity Controller

This post explains for the controller. A DC rotational velocity controller, also known as a DC motor speed controller or DC motor speed regulator, is a device or system used to control the speed or rotational velocity of a DC (direct current) motor. DC motors are commonly used in various applications, and controlling their speed is essential in many industrial, automotive, robotics, and electronic systems. DC rotational velocity controllers are employed to achieve precise control over the motor’s speed, direction, and torque.

The Part Number is GS069.

The function of this semiconductor is DC Rotational Velocity Controller.

The package is SO-8 Pin Type.

Manufacturer: ASIC

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The GS069 DC rotational velocity controller is an application-specific CMOS IC for electrical tools. It features wide power supply voltage range, low power dissipation and high interference immunity.

It controls the rotational speed of electrical tools by changin the output of the VMOS transistor through an external resistor network.


1. Wide power supply voltage range

2. Low power dissipation

3. High interference immunity

4. Wide output range

5. Small frequency variation

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1. Electrical tool switches

GS069 PDF Datasheet